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One chilly evening in the winter of 2008, Ben and Stephen got acquainted at a cocktail party in London. As the saying goes, great minds think alike (and fools seldom differ?) – the conversation at their table soon became fixated on crazy new business ideas. An epic partnership was born.

Alas, their paths soon diverged – Ben returned to Asia to launch a media business, while Stephen remained in the UK to carry on blazing his trail in the city. Five years later, Stephen popped up in Singapore, and almost immediately, Sugar was born!

Though we’re still a young company, we’ve come a long way since those heady days. Our team is made up of enterprising, well-travelled young people from extremely diverse backgrounds. We’re passionate about helping people rediscover their neighbourhood – and their city – because we feel that there are always new experiences waiting just around the corner!

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Lim Tow Soon, currently in his sixties, is the proud owner of a small café tucked away amidst the languid but picturesque environs of Changi Village. The son of a former British Army chef in colonial Singapore, he grew up on classical British favourites like Shepherd’s Pie and Oxtail Stew. The flavours on offer at Jacob’s Café offer a taste of the old Singapore. A Singapore that no longer exists in the flesh, but a Singapore that is still vividly real in the hearts and minds of the pioneer generation. For Tow Soon and his friends, Britannia may no longer rule the waves, but it clearly still rules the stomach.

As you can see, Sugar isn’t just a directory. The establishments we feature are hand-picked for their character and personality. Whether they are multi-million dollar franchises or hole-in-the-wall eateries, you can be sure that every establishment featured on Sugar makes a unique contribution to the colourful urban fabric of Singapore.

We pride ourselves as being modern-day story tellers, and we’re here to regale you with contemporary urban experiences that cannot be replicated anywhere else. Every establishment that we feature has its own little tale to tell. Stories of endeavour, aspiration, heartbreak and the labours of love. Stories that will make you fall in love with Singapore all over again.

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