Difference between a Digital and Creative Agency

Web design and digital marketing are main parts of an online exposure and different firms and individual designers provide services for these two areas. Some people consider digital and creative agency same but this is not so. A creative agency offers design and also need external help like the advertisement or marketing products. Most creative agencies don’t only provide design services but also help in marketing. A creative agency in Dubai has experts for designing the brand promotional products like logos, letterheads, visiting cards, signboards, and so on. The main focus of a creative designer is to design such products that can attract customers to a particular brand. You can say that a creative agency provides hard products for promoting a business. But now people are becoming more versatile and creative agencies offer several services, including the digital marketing. A creative agency has specialists who work as designers and creative directors.

Digital Agency

A digital agency provides digital products, including online campaigns, web designs, web development, business consulting, e-commerce, and social media marketing. Nowadays, even the creative agencies provide digital marketing but still both areas are different that can work together to make the marketing process faster. You can choose to hire individual agencies or can choose one agency that offers everything.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube are the platforms that a digital agency uses for brand promotion. Digital marketing is time- saving, cost-effective, and fast.

Which One Is Better?

This is an age of social media so people are more opt to a digital agency. But at the same time, the huge advertising screens are also getting popular and people still need print media, so the creative agency has its own benefits. As creative agency fully focuses on the design so it can give you the best design for any industry. People still love the visual content that is tangible as well. Try this if you want the best creative agency in Dubai to work for you. A creative agency is the most suitable for big ventures but you can hire a digital and creative agency at a time for better results. An innovative design will attract people to your brand and digital marketing will create the brand awareness. A creative agency can bring you to TV and cable advertisement or can help create the signboards and large promotional LCDs. So choose the area that suits you depending on your business and your pocket. There is a huge variety of online firms offering digital and creative services.