Are there any misconceptions that bloggers have about social media?

There are a plethora of misconceptions that exist in the minds of many bloggers regarding social media. These misconceptions are a major reason why their social media efforts are faced with failure and they end up losing their readers for good. Some of the most commonly cited misconceptions amongst bloggers are:

Social media delivers instant results
Post on Monday and you’ll start seeing results on Tuesday – this is a very common misconception that seems to infest the minds of many bloggers and social media influencers in UAE these days. However, to be honest, social media is an ongoing process and you are not going to receive instant results from it. Every single blogger out there needs to pay ample attention to social networking to make sure that their blogs are a success. However, this is a long term commitment that you would be getting into and it isn’t going to splash success over your blog in a night.


Social networking is based on ghost followers and numbers
There are a number of webmasters out there who think that they can just buy their way into social networking by acquiring substantial amounts of bot followers for a very nominal price. But, these bot followers are not what you should ‘ethically’ be interested in. Instead, its real ‘human’ followers that you need to focus on. You need to build a fan base for your blog who would actually take a genuine interest in what your blog has to offer. So, basically, instead of bots that don’t ever check out your blog, you need to gain real life readers for your blog.


Create lots and lots of content
It is common practice for bloggers and Youtube influencers to want to just lather their followers in content on a regular basis. What they basically do is spend their days and nights trying to produce countless amounts of content for their blogs. This isn’t the practice that you need to come up with, as it just isn’t any good for blogs to start having a plethora of content placed over them regularly. Start with minimal amounts of content and then just make your way up from there. For starters, just focus on getting readers on to your blog and build a fan base.


Set up a social media account on every single networking site out there
If you think that there isn’t anything as having excessive amounts of social networking profiles, then its about time you thought about it again. For starters, it is just perfect for you to focus your attention over Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. However, if you know about certain social networking websites that are focused on people that are within your niche, then it is best for you to sign up there as well. However, just don’t go all out when setting up social media profiles and just keep it to a minimum.

Social media isn’t important and is not a necessity
Trust me, no matter what it is that you wish to do these days, you are bound to acquire details about it through social media websites. Be it buying pets or purchasing a property, you are definitely going to use search engines or social media to look up things that are related to it. So, if you think that social media isn’t necessary, well, you might as well just say goodbye to your blog!