Riding Quad Bike in a Safe Way

You must have gone through the recent incidents of quad bikes related accidents in the local media and newspapers. It is a dangerous vehicle, even though it is a great way to have fun. There are a few things we all should know about quad bikes, which brought me to the point of writing this piece. First of all, many of us have this odd belief that the quad bikes are legally allowed to be driven on the main arteries of Dubai or any other state of the United Arab Emirates. Few people argue that since the quad bikes have head lights, they are made to lap the miles on the main roads. Nothing of this is right, though. These bikes are for fun and recreational purpose only and should be driven with proper instructions manual or under the supervision of a properly-trained official. Before you even go to check the quad biking Dubai price, you should be aware of the set of safety rules to handle this beast.

The influx of Chinese companies in the field of quad biking manufacturing has changed a lot of things for good. They are the ones who started putting the head lights on the quad bikes, even if it is a 50cc children’s quad bike. Such an arrangement and equipment make many people believe that these machines are designed to be run on the roads. According to a report, over 60 percent of quad bikes in the United Kingdom alone never have any legal documentation for use on a public highway. These machines are made for the private land use and this is how these should be availed.

If you do own a quad bike, keeping it in a top form requires optimum level of maintenance. Let’s take a look at a few things that will keep your quad bike in a great working condition. Always make sure that your brakes, both rear and front, are working absolutely fine before you start the engine of your quad bike. This way you can make sure that it will keep you unharmed in a sudden event or an accident. Most of the new models use a foot pedal as the rear brake now. Just like you check the water, coolant, oil and petrol levels in your car before you put keys in the ignition of your car, you also need to check these levels before you start the engine of your quad bike. Generally, the quad bikes over 110cc have an engine cooling system which needs to be properly maintained for the optimum performance of the engine of your quad bike. You may read more on the subject on the provided link.